Syntax highlighting

Displays HTML , CSS, Javascript in different colors according to the category of terms.



Live Preview

Real Time HTML CSS Preview.
As you type, it will show the CSS & HTML updates you Edit in the code.
No More switching between editor and browser again.

* javascript is updated when html code is changed .

Code Folding

feature that allows the user to collapse (fold) code blocks(Html, Css, Javascript).
Code Folding is available For HTML Tag ,Css statement ,Javascript Functions,Objects,Arrays .

* click on the gutter to fold a block, again to unfold.

Fullscreen Mode

To switch One Of the Code Editor (HTML - CSS - Javascript ) to full screen, select it then press F11.

Fullscreen Mode Will hide The preview panel and settings panel and keep only the active Editor.it will look like a simple code editor without preview.

* To return to normal view , press Esc or F11 again.


Change The Look Of the Code Editor with More than 25 theme.

* From Settings tab select the theme that suit with your.

Matching tags

Highlight the start tag & end tag when clicking on one of them, so you can easily find out the start and end of specific Tag.

* not only tags but Brackets too.

Auto Completion

showing suggestions while you type into the Editor,Code completion speed up the editing.

* click Ctr+space to activate autocompletion anywhere.

Finding Tags

Click an item on the preview panel, will scroll and highlight their own tag in the code area.

* Still in beta not always working fine.


Easily Add any frameWork (angularjs, jquery, Dojo, Ext Core, Mootools, jqueryui, prototypes,...).

* you can also add any other frameWork if you know their URL .

Closing Tags

To easily write your code, LiveGap auto add the end tag when you close the start tag and its also know what tag is need to close. if your write < \, it will complete the right tag.